A blog about my time in Sweden on my year abroad.

I am studying at Lund University, and will be travelling around the country and the region throughout the year so what better way to share my stories!

I hope you enjoy the read!


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi

    I’m having a lot of fun reading your blog. I’m going to Lund in autumn of 2014 with my wife and it’s been pretty helpful! Would you mind if I ask you some questions?

    Your condo is such perfect for me and my wife. Is it hard to take a place like this? I’m going to study a master in Coporate Finance and you’re very close from the school, right? I really would like to stay in Pålsjöäng. If you have any advice, it would be helpful!

    I guess that staying in a house without private bathroom and kitchen would be complicated for a couple. And it seems like Pålsjöäng is the only option provided by LU Accomodation. As I’m from outside EU (and paying tuition fees) I belive university will help me. I appreciate if you got any contact you could share.



    • Hi Rafael, thanks for getting in touch. I’m glad you are enjoying this blog! I’m in the process of updating the theme and adding more content so watch out for that. I’m not sure if you received my comment or not, so apologies for the delay.

      Palsjöäng only has single rooms so you wouldn’t be able to share and they are only open to university students.

      I know that accommodation is very hard to get in Lund, unless you go through LU Accomodation so that is probably your best option. I think the majority of places have private bathrooms so that shouldn’t be an issue.

      Best of luck and thanks for reading the blog.

  2. Hi Lawrence!

    I came upon your blog while searching for information on Pålsjöäng, and am enjoying pulling out all sorts of things from your posts that will help me in my transition as an international student as well, thank you! I will actually be staying at Pålsjöäng also! Are you going to be there in January?


    • Hi Michelle,

      Thanks for the comment and I’m glad you’re finding this blog useful.

      I’m moving back to Pålsjöäng next week, so let me know if you need anything or any advice about settling in.

      Hopefully I will see you around when you arrive.

  3. Hi Lawrence,

    Thank you so much for your blog! I plan to continue my master’s study in Sweden this autumn 2014.
    May I know how much the rent fee/month for the same flat like yours in Pålsjöäng?

    I’m international student from Indonesia, so I will go through LU accomodation for the housing. If I want to choose Pålsjöäng, is it possible for LU accomodation to change my choice into other housing areas? Because, as far as I know, only Pålsjöäng and Sparta which are located near School of Economics and Management. Is it correct? And after do some research, it seems that Pålsjöäng is better than Sparta.

    Really appreciate for your reply. Thanks in advance! :)
    nb: I’m also the one who tweet you on twitter today. hehe


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