A Morning in Malmö

With only a few days of my first semester remaining, I realised that I had not yet properly visited Malmö, a city very close to Lund on the way to Copenhagen before the Öresund Bridge. Therefore, as many of my friends were busy with exams or had already gone home, I decided to spend the morning exploring the city. I got the train from Lund at just after 9am and boarded the first train to Malmö Central.

A short walk from the station is the town hall square, which at this time of day was very quiet, yet still impressive:


Close to here in the backstreets is St Peter’s Cathedral, which was not open until 11, so I found a little coffee shop in the heart of the city and grabbed a large coffee and a traditional Swedish kanelbullar, before making my way back to St Paul’s Church to have a look around.


A short walk from here is Malmö’s Modern Museum, home to artwork such as cubism as well as a huge collection of propaganda posters from the former Soviet Union. A short walk across the river and I was at St Peter’s Church. Unfortunately, there was a great deal of work being done to the church with scaffolding surrounding the building, but the inside of the church was magnificent. I then spent some time walking through the neighbouring park and took some time to mess about with my new camera, before heading back to Lund in the early afternoon.



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