December Travel Plans

Having visited Stockholm and Gothenburg in the last couple of weeks (a post on Gothenburg will come), as well as going to Copenhagen for a night out, you would think that I have had enough of travelling. Despite the early mornings, I haven’t. One big adventure is coming up!

In a couple of weeks I am travelling to Helsinki with a friend, and it is set to snow when we are there! On Friday 6th, we will catch a flight from Copenhagen to Helsinki, settle into our hostel in the south of the city and then explore the city in the evening.

On Saturday we will be getting the ferry over the Gulf of Finland to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia (the least religious country in the world) and will be on the ferry to witness sunrise. We will then have most of the day to look around Tallinn (and buy some cheaper beer), and will spend the evening and most of Sunday in Helsinki, before flying back to Copenhagen on Sunday afternoon. It will be a long weekend, but I can’t wait!

And  for those of you in and around Harpenden, I will be back in the bubble late on December 22nd and will return to Sweden on January 8th. I’m looking forward to catching up with you all!


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