Two Weeks to Go!

It is two weeks today until I jet off for my year abroad to Sweden so what better excuse to write a blog! Hopefully I will be able to write an update for you all every week or so. So, here we go with the first post….

On 20th August, I will be starting my year abroad studying Economics at Lund University in Sweden as part of my degree at Exeter University. I already have a very busy first week planned, including learning Swedish, a curry night, a treasure hunt, Swedish games (which includes what just seems like a very complicated version of rounders,) IKEA trips (it is Sweden after all) and lots of other random activities.

I will be staying in a place called Pålsjöäng, which is literally right next to the Economics building and is only 2km from the centre of Lund itself. Lund is similar in size to Exeter and is also a student-centric city which is great! Also, I have been told the nearest supermarket is called ICA Tuna – which I really hope sells more than just tuna. We’ll see! Here is a lovely photo of where I will be living – notice the balconies!


While I am in Sweden, I hope to either prove or disprove the following common stereotypes and views that people have about Sweden:

·         Every piece of furniture is from IKEA

·         They are obsessed with Abba

·         Every woman is blonde and very attractive

·         Transport is very efficient

·         People eat meatballs all the time

·         The majority of people drive Volvos (very safe, but a little boring)

I am also enrolled in the international mentor program, and my mentor Filip seems like an absolute legend. His email to us all ended as follows:

“p.s. If you have nothing to do you are always welcome to my place! I have Netflix and Fifa!”

I think it’s safe to say that I can’t wait for my year abroad! Apparently the Swedes are the happiest people in the world, so what can go wrong?

If you want more updates follow me on twitter @LawrenceBell4


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